Network Services    

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STR will help you migrate to new network technologies and be with you every step of the way - before, during and after installation.

We specialize in design, installation and ongoing support for network maintenance, enhancement and optimization.

  •  Evaluate requirements and recommend solutions

  •  Install operating systems and applications

  •  Design, configure, install and document new networks

  •  Diagnose and resolve problems

  •  Supply qualified personnel on-site

  •  Administer systems and optimize capabilities

  •  Backup and recover systems

  •  Remote diagnostic support

  Internet/Email Services:
  • Set up security and firewalls

  • Evaluate and select Internet Service Provider

  • Assist ISP in installation

  • Connect local area network to internet

  • Configure workstations for internal and external e-mail systems

  • Implement web-based solutions


 Three service alternatives to choose from:

1.  Best for long term solutions, long term relationships - Contract,

2.  Best for technical "insurance" - Retained Hours or

3.  Best for one-time fixes, emergencies - Time and Materials



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